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Opening Hours: 8:45am - 3:15pm (max 6 1/2 hours per day). For 0 - 6 year old's. 

Our childcare center is licensed to accommodate 36 children, with a daily capacity of 30 children over two years old and up to 6 children under two years old.

We are a community-based center, encouraging parents to join the Board of Trustees and participate in the management of the center.

Our teacher-to-child ratios exceed the Ministry of Education's requirements of 1:5 for under 2s and 1:10 for over 2s, maintaining a ratio of 1:3 for under 2s and 1:7 for over 2s.

Children have the option to attend morning, afternoon, or full-day sessions.

The center remains open during school holidays but closes on public holidays, two teacher-only days, and for two weeks at Christmas. Please refer to the "News & Events" for specific dates each month.

Fees per child:
Under 3 years
• $7.00 per hour
  • Full day $42 (6 hours) or $45.50 (6.5-hour)
  • Session $21.00 (3 hour session) 9am -12pm or 12pm-3pm
  • Full week $210 (5x6 hour days) or $227 (5x 6.5-hour days)
Over 3 years
  • 20 hours free (3- or 6-hour days)
  • $7.00 and hour (after 20 free ECE)
  • Full week after 20 ECE $70 (5x6 hour days) or $ 87.50 (5x 6.5-hour days)
  • Late fee - $20 for the first 5 mins $5 for every 5 mins after
  • $20 enrolment fee
  • Childcare Assistance (WINZ Subsidies) and 20 Hours ECE Available

Enrolment Matters

Fees, sick leave, changes of enrolment, cancellations of booking.


  • Fees are payable in advance weekly or fortnightly by cash or direct credit.

  • Full fees are charged on public holidays except during our close down period.

  • We do not have any cash on the premises to provide change for cash payments.

  • We are enrolled in the 20 hours ECE scheme. This is for 3+ year old’s only.

  • Sick or absent day fees are payable.

  • For changes to your enrolment or booking of casual sessions please see the Centre Administrator.

  • We require two weeks’ notice, in writing, of a cancellation of a permanent booking. Forms available from the Centre Administrator.

  •  If you have any questions regarding your account or other administrative needs, please direct them to the Centre Manager or Centre Administrator.

Click to download Parent Information Booklet

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