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New Beginnings Preschool (Ngā Timatanga Hou) is a located in the suburb of Linwood in East Christchurch. The preschool is a community service governed by a Board of Trustees and caters for infants, toddlers and young children up to school age. The under two-year-old and over two-year-old groups each have their own indoor and outdoor areas.


New Beginnings Preschool was established in 1983 to provide early childhood care and education for children of the Linwood community.  It has been previously known as the Linwood Community Creche Incorporated and Linwood Community Childcare Centre Incorporated. The current name was changed in 2002.   The preschool is licensed for 36 children (up to 6 under twos) with opening hours 8.45am to 3.15pm.


New Beginnings Preschool Mission

“Children in the community achieve success as learners”


New Beginnings Preschool Values

Relationships, Family, Respect, Community, Positive environment, Competent and confident learners, Well being

New Beginnings is a registered charity as well as being a non-profit community preschool. This means that we rely heavily on donations and grants so that we can put everything back into our whānau and community.

We use these donations in many ways. We provide our tamariki with full school uniforms and shoes when they start primary school and provide whānau with warm clothes and blankets during the winter months. We also bridge gaps to ease stressful times for whānau - providing food, counselling, and transport. We walk along side our whānau and support them to navigate social services.


If you would like to donate, our bank account is listed below.


New Beginnings Preschool Inc.


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